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After having my son the postpartum hair loss hit and my oily hair also returned (I so loved my pregnant hair!!) so I was searching for a new shampoo while my husband who always has the complete opposite of me and suffers from a dry scalp was also trying to find a shampoo to eleviate the dryness.

I happened across Hask by sheer coincidence when I was in BJ's one day and the only one they had was coconut, I wasn't sure how my husband would feel about the smell, but it's so light I decided to give it a try.  After more then 6 months using this shampoo and conditioner, we are BOTH still loving it (I can't believe I found a shampoo that works for the both of us) my hair is crazy but that's because all of the hair I lost is now about an inch and a half long,  but that's okay. It stopped falling out and starting regrowing 👏

I did have to reorder it from Amazon since BJ's no longer had it and it was on the pricier side BUT Ulta Beauty has it in two different sizes for very reasonable prices!!

***Also ~ completely free of parabens and sulfates ***

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