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Yes, You Should Use Highlighter

Adding highlighter into my very quick morning routine adds on an additional 15 to 20 seconds and to me, it is completely worth it.

For the past seven years my makeup routine has remained the same: foundation, blush and mascara. At times I have added in some eyeliner or some eyeshadow, but the only items I would most most definitely apply were my three staples.

Until I discovered highlighter.

You know the Instagram posts you see about highlighting your eyes or your cheek bones and it's all "Buy this product and look like this person!"? I don't bother because I KNOW I'm not going to look like that person, however I've always been intrigued by highlighter and never spent the money or even spent the time looking into how to properly apply it because with my oily T-Zone, avoiding shine has been my life since I was twelve.

That all changed last month when I received my Boxy Charm order. Within my surprise box was a Morphe x Manny Mua Glam Palette which consists mostly of eyeshadow, but it also had highlighter! A review of my Google searches for that day I'm sure will consist purely of "how to apply highlighter to my face" and I remained skeptical because avoiding an oily T-Zone is still something I think about even though it doesn't have to be such of a focus now. It's still ingrained in me.

What I found though, is that using a highlighter draws attention TO the areas you want to be focused on.

Want attention drawn AWAY from your T-Zone? Then use the highlighter under and over your brows or at your cupids bow.

My goal is to create a lightness, a "well rested" look and brightness to my face without and shine so I apply my highlighter above and below my brows, at the inner corner of my eyes and right about the apples of my cheeks. Depending on the day, I may also apply it to my cupids bow as well if it is a day where I'll be wearing lip stick or lip gloss.

This has opened my eyes to highlighter and while I may still explore other highlighters and brands to experiment with, this has now become one of my staple items! Yet another reason why I love Boxy Charm and my surprise products each month!


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