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Woven Wraps and A Ring Finish

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

I had two wraps in my mailbox yesterday (super exciting!) with one of them being a wrap I've spent the last few months searching for! So today I decided to try out some carries with a ring finish and I'm LOVING it!

I tried two front carries and a back carry and it's so easy and comfy!

The woven wrap I'm using here isn't at all thick so tying a knot would be very easy, but with some of my wraps (the thick ones) it can be a little difficult to tie a snug knot and would make a ring finish perfect with them.

If you haven't ever tried using a woven with a ring, definitely try it! They are perfect for adding some length if you're working with a wrap that is a bit too short for some carries as well as pre-wrapping. I pre-wrap before heading out in the car so when we're ready to go into a store, I can just pop my little one in and I don't have to tie or adjust it which makes it very fast and easy carry. Typically, I utilize a Front Cross Carry for this but a FCC is tied in the back with a knot so sitting in the car with a big knot at my back isn't the most comfortable, but a ring sits flat and is perfect!

I purchased my rings from www.slingrings.com but there are many places you can buy from. Just make sure they are of good quality and safety tested. If you need any wrapping tips with or without a ring finish, check out Wrap You In Love on Youtube. She's a certified babywearing educator and her videos are fantastic!



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