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Why I Can't Recommend Mellow Cosmetics

I received a message from someone with Mellow Cosmetics asking me to collaborate with them. I checked out the company, loved the story I read about a mom developing Mellow Cosmetics after struggling with the idea of leaving her new baby with her maternity leave coming to an end. This struck a major chord with me because I've been there!

I loved the look of their website with it being very clean and seemingly straight forward. The products were shipping from Australia and so I was slightly concerned with how long it might take with everything going on, but I had my order in less than a week. I was super excited to try my lip colors and even recorded a video for everyone trying on the colors and what I liked and didn't like. It was during this video that I discovered something that I am unable to find on their website.......the box that my lip color came in said that it was developed in New Zealand, but made in China.

I have researched countries regulations and findings from studies performed on cosmetics developed in other places. Skincare and makeup products manufactured in China are on my "do not buy these" list. It is just outside of my comfort zone.

So while I'd love to support this Mama and her business adventure, I can't recommend this company and I wanted to be up front and honest with you because just as much as I like to recommend things I love, I want you to know I'm also being honest when there is something I don't enjoy or can't recommend. ❤

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