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With summer now here a lot of Momma's are looking for not just effective sunscreens, but also what is SAFE.  

First off, sunscreen is not recommended for babies under 6 months of age. It is recommended that a baby's time in the sun is limited and when in the sun, to use hats and long sleeves to protect their delicate skin.  For babies over 6 months of age though, when sunscreen is necessary, what is the best choice?  

Babyganics....ThinkBaby.....Aveeno Baby....Badger.....California Baby....Honest Company......How do you choose?  

I personally chose Honest Company's after narrowing it down to that one and California Baby and here's why:  

Babyganics: this sunscreen is 50+ SPF and it has been advised that it is better to use a lower SPF and apply every couple of hours.  

ThinkBaby: this sunscreen has a very strong smell to it and not only do I prefer sunscreen that has less of a smell, I specifically avoid items on my family's skin that is scented (unless it's with essential oils) because fragrance isn't regulated and the thought of crazy chemicals soaking into my childs largest organ (skin) doesn't sit well with me. ThinkBaby's scent is Tropical Papaya. AKA unregulated "fragrance"  

AveenoBaby: Aveeno Baby lotion caused my son break out in hives so I immediately took their sunscreen off the list of possibilities. But that doesn't mean some won't love it.  

Badger: While the claims are this is a 100% "natural" sunscreen, it too has unregulated "fragrance" used in it which smells like tangerine and vanilla. Not exactly natural like the claims, but then again I'm honestly not sure how a sunscreen could be deemed natural. So basically, I don't trust the brand.   

California Baby SPF 30 and fragrance free. Yay! But the reviews said it was thick and could be difficult to rub in. My son typically doesn't mind sitting still for lotion and stuff, but I didn't want to possibly not rub it in enough and then have stuff stick to him.  

Honest Company The winner. This sunscreen doesn't have any fragrance, it's made with zinc oxide and most of the negative reviews pertained to the spray bottle and their expectations that it wouldn't have to be rubbed in since it was a spray application. Even when I was young and used Banana Boats spray sunscreen, I had to rub it in so I didn't have those expectations.  While my son was too young to use it last year, I used it on me since I burn very easily and I was very happy with the protection. You can get this a bit cheaper if you like Honest Companys products and you choose a bundle option. I  like some (not all) of their products so that is typically how I purchase from them and then I cancel the bundle online so I don't get a shipment when I don't need it or miss a reminder email that one is about to ship.   

With any sunscreen that has less chemicals, you have to be more diligent about reapplying, but I honestly feel that is well worth the trade off.

OCTOBER 2019 Update: at this time it appears Honest Company is no longer making their sunscreen so I have since switched to Badgers unscented version to eliminate any fragrance.

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