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This time of year I avoid all stores and germs as much as possible,  but with our high temperatures only in the 30's and my toddler still itching to get outside I decided short walks during the day are a must.  It's good for both of us and we have a much better day when we get out even for just a few moments. 

Knowing each day we'd be getting out, I had to step up our cold weather apparel and I babywear everywhere. In fact, I don't even have our stroller in my car and this time of year babywearing keeps up both so much cozier! 

I had been wearing a fleece jacket by Smallshow over both of us which is great for fall temperatures when you need something light, but not warm enough for the temperatures we've been having.

1) the bottom isn't banded and the jacket isn't very long.  So when wearing a toddler whose legs go around your waist, their legs push the jacket out to the sides and cold air goes right up.

2) neither moms nor babies hood has a drawstring and the hood is BIG. So of course not only does it not stay up, but not fitting snug around you just lets all that cold air in.

So I decided this year, we needed something better and I found this babywearing fleece sweatshirt by Lenny Lamb! This thing is incredible! I bought mine second hand and it didn't come with the baby hood unfortunately. So I put my son in a hooded fleece romper with a hat on and then his fleece hood. The large scarf-like neck also acts as a hood for me, it's nice and long (I'm on the tallish side at 5'6") and its WARM. 

I have had my eye on Lenny Lamb since before my son was born. I was intrigued by their wraps at first and then I saw their babywearing apparel and it made me want one of most everything. 

And let me tell you, after having my first product of theirs now, Lenny Lamb is completely worth it! Their prices might appear to be on the higher side, but in all honestly, they're not any higher than other reputable babywearing companies and their quality is incredible. 

When I consider anything for babywearing, I always have in the back of my mind that when I'm done with the item, I'll most likely be able to sell it (if it's from as reputable company such as Lenny Lamb) so try to remember that as well if you're making a purchase. 

Since I purchased my babywearing sweatshirt secondhand, it isn't the most current design of theirs. Since this one, they've added zippers to the sides of the sweatshirt which would make it MUCH easier to get on and off.   Mine can be a little bit cumbersome without the zippers, but still completely worth it. 

Just keep that in mind if you are buying one second hand.  You'll want those zippers and baby hood, trust me 😉

If you live in an area where the temperatures get ridiculously cold, they do have several other options too that are incredibly warm baby wearing jackets.

One other quick note about their sizing. I personally feel that it runs small. In jackets and shirts I always wear as size small or if I need some additional sleeve length, a medium. This jacket I purchased is a large and while a medium might fit, it would be much more snug than I'd like. I have heard this comment regarding sizing from others too so consider sizing up.




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