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We've Officially Reached "That" Age

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

I mentioned to Peter that whenever Isaac and I take a walk near this one area of our neighborhood, all of the kids are out riding their power wheels together and Isaac wants to go and play so bad. It breaks my heart because during this time of social distancing, it seems that in our neighborhood, we are the only ones adhering to it.

So that sparked the power wheel discussion and since Isaac is super into "broom broom's" (aka tractors) right now, I immediately started there. Guess where my husband started? Google searches into "How to Soup Up a Power Wheel" 😂🤦‍♀️

We have a nice sized yard which is honestly a great spot for riding minus the fact that our side yard is a hill and power wheels are notorious for having very little traction on hills. In fact, I've seen many of them go sliding on even pavement! So I asked my husband to start Googling that instead. Haha

End result was I wanted something Isaac could ride now, but also get at least a few years out of and continue to grow into. I found the Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor and it is a 12v so I knew it had plenty of power and it's rated for up to 85 pounds which is higher than the cars I looked at and it came with a trailer.

Next hurdle was getting it shipped to me! Amazon said it wasn't able to ship it even though they sold it, Walmart said some

thing very similar. So I went to Targets site and not only were they able to ship it, but it cost less than Amazon and Walmart and because I use their Red Card, I saved an additional 5% (Yay Red Card! The only store credit card I have and the only one I think is worth it!!)

Now onto those modifications my husband was Googling 😂 So day one, we took it up and down the hill a few times and while it did okay, there were a few times the tires just spun and we had to give a bit of a push.

Day two, Peter took a few old bike tires we had and cut the tread off of them and then screwed them onto the existing hard plastic tires. With this rubber tread added to the tires it handles that hill, the paths through the woods behind our house and driving on pavement with ease!

Hope everyone is staying healthy!



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