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My baby is officially starting with the "I"ll do it myself phase" and this includes brushing his teeth. I started brushing my sons gums with the Dr. Browns finger toothbrush before he cut any teeth and then I was using a regular toddler toothbrush, but now that he likes to help and brush his own teeth for a few minutes, I wanted something that would be easier for him to hold and safer too. We like the Dr. Browns training toothpaste because it's all natural without any flouride and my little one likes the pear flavor (I tried switching to watermelon once and while he had never fought brushing his teeth before, he fought me for two days after. I'll never switch toothpaste on him again 😂) I was happy to find this Dr. Browns set on Amazon that includes the perfect toothbrush for him along with the only toothpaste he'll use.



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