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When my son was born I thought for sure I'd follow baby led weaning.... until it came time to actually give my baby food and I was a nervous wreck and couldn't do it! 😂 I ended up giving him a lot of purees until he started learning to chew, but this Boon Silicone Pulp Feeder is so nice for a multitude of reasons! 

I have put many things in this my baby wouldn't typically be able to have just yet like clementines and apples, but I have also made breastmilk pops for him and put them in the feeder on days when he's teething hard. It not only allows him to taste different foods, but it also teaches him to chew since he has to bite down on it.

It also comes with a top to its perfect to throw in the diaper bag for on the go and no leaks!!

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