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Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Between diaper changes, dishes and everything else my hands are always an absolute mess in the winter, but for some reason this winter has been especially hard. Twice now I've tried to close my hands and the skin across my knuckles just split open and it seems like it takes forever to heal. 

During the summer and all throughout my pregnancy I used Honest Co Lavender Lotion which kept my skin nice and moisturized and my belly stretch mark free, and while I am still using it I'm finding I need a little extra help so I went searching and found Tubby Todd Bath Co. I tried their Everyday Lotion and it's so nice so I just ordered their Regulars Bundle which includes the everyday lotion, a hair and body wash as well as their all over ointment.

I am super excited for their all over ointment because while the reviews on everything are fantastic, the all over ointment is specifically for use on extra dry areas after using the everyday lotion. It's also good for dads to use after shaving, on the little ones cheeks to keep them soft and hydrated during winter play, and for anyone with eczema prone skin! Btw, if you read through the reviews on several of their products people are raving about not only how fantastic they are for dry skin, but also the amazing clearing effect it has had on eczema which I know many seem to battle with especially in the colder months. 

In my family the one thing I have to be careful of with lotions, body washes, shampoos and such is whether there are any tree nuts or the use of tree nut oil in them due to allergies in my house. It seems like almond oil and macadamia oil are very common ingredients in many brands. For anyone else with tree nut allergies, Tubby Todd does use almond and macadamia oil in their Dream Cream and Mama Hand Cream, but I received the below email from them regarding their cleaning practices.

 from:Tubby Todd <customercare@tubbytodd.com>reply-to:Tubby Todd <customercare@tubbytodd.com> to:Ami date:Dec 7, 2019, 6:35 PMsubject:New customer message on December 7, 2019 at 2:52 pm 

Ami,Yes, our dream cream and Mama hand cream do contain nut extracts (almond and macadamia) in them! We do practice GMP (good manufacturing practices) so the lines are cleaned and sanitized between production runs. Let me know if you have any other questions!xo Lauren

So if anyone else has tree nut allergies, you may want to avoid those two, but they have so many other awesome looking products that don't contain tree nuts. 



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