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Winter usually means the darker colors come out, but personally while I do love a great black top, I tend to look more for pastels in the winter. I think when the weather turns cold, the pastel makes me think/feel warmer and brighter. 

With today's weather projected to be in the 40's, this soft pink top fits my mood perfectly. 😍

It's available on Amazon right now in 15 different colors and the description says to consider sizing down when ordering. I used to be a size small but I'm currently breastfeeding so I have been buying more in size medium and I probably could have worn a size small, but the sleeves may not have been as long as I like them to be and honestly the medium is so comfy that I don't think I would have wanted to down size for even the body either. 

This is definitely a shirt I would have in more than one color!



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