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The Search For A Video Baby Monitor

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

I had a V Tech baby monitor for just over a year when the monitor stopped working. Up until that point, I loved it but for $200 I really did think it should have lasted longer than it did so I began my search for a new monitor.

If you've ever searched for video baby monitor, you've probably been shocked by just how many are on the market and then less than stellar reviews that seem to plague most of them. Plus, all wifi monitors were out as I'm just not comfortable with them.

I started out with trying the Summer Infant Wide View 2.0 and while the screen size was great, the clarity of the screen was only acceptable if the camera was relatively close. I did like however, the nightlight option on the camera. Ultimately, the deal breaker for me was the inability to turn off their power save function. This means that when not plugged in, the screen goes black after just a minute or two and there is no way to keep the screen on unless it remains plugged in all the time. I take my monitor all over the house with me and outside during nice weather and I have to be able to see my screen ALL the time. When my son wakes up, he doesn't cry. He sits on his bed and just waits for me to come and get him. Plus, the whole point of having a video monitor is so I can see him, I don't want to have to keep pushing a button to temporarily turn on the screen. This one went back.

I then decided to ask my Facebook friends for input and several of them raved about Infant Optics and while I initially balked at the price tag, I figured it has almost 35,000 reviews and 4.5 stars for a reason so I ordered it. The screen clarity was fantastic and the zoom feature allowed me to see my sons face right up close while the camera is mounted across the room, but that was about all that was good about it. The sound clarity was awful, and even worse, during every single nap the monitor would disconnect from the camera numerous times regardless of whether the antenna was up and it didn't always reconnect right away. This was the only monitor that had connection issues, by the way. On top of that, the battery life was awful. It too went back.

I ended up searching Amazon for some "lesser known" brands and I found one by Good Baby with 572 reviews and 5 stars and at $59.99 not only is it the least expensive one I've tried, but it's also the best!

The Good Baby Video Monitor has it's own video monitor and offers:

Zoom x2 (once zoomed in, you can adjust up, down, left and right from the handheld monitor)

Lullabies to play through the camera for your baby

Talk-back feature


Night Vision

Room temperature reading

I have this camera mounted across my sons room near the ceiling (just as I had previously mounted the other cameras) and the sound clarity and volume is fantastic! The night vision is also very impressive.

Hope this helps some other families searching for a good video monitor.



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