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I'm not sure what is going on because I never have such good luck with jeans! I ordered two pairs from Amazon the other day and they both fit amazingly! I posted about the other pair here, but I've worn this black pair now twice and they are spot on (to the point where I looked at the other washes to order another pair yesterday 😮) 

I think most women  feel like they have a difficult time finding good pants and I'm no different. Ever since I was about fourteen or fifteen and my hips and butt made their appearance, it's always been a challenge to find a pair of pants that fit me without smooshing my butt or squeezing my thighs while not being absolutely huge in the waist. 

Somehow these jeans check all the requirements I have and I don't typically go for black jeans, but I love these! Plus they are super soft with the perfect amount of stretch that make them insanely comfortable!

I am 5'6" and usually wear a size 4 or a size 6. I ordered these in a size 6 after looking at the tag for how much cotton, polyester and such were in them and the fit is perfect so I would say they are probably pretty true to your normal size. 



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