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I am so glad my sister discovered these Grabease utensils a few years ago because they are one of the first things I purchased for my son and we love them!

I do have a couple of traditional baby spoons, but he much prefers the Grabease forks and spoons and so do I. They are much easier for him to navigate feeding himself, perfect size and shape for him to hold, and I've never had to worry about him putting them in his mouth too far.

I just found this bib by Grabease as well which looks amazing! Perfect for those spaghetti dinners, although somehow my son can make a huge mess with just a banana. 😂

If you've never heard of Grabease or haven't had a chance to check them out, I highly recommend them. They also make great baby shower gifts too!

Bonus: my utensils came in reusable snack pouches which they do sell separately but it's really nice that they packaged the utensils in them at no extra cost!

❤❤❤ Ami

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