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On days like today I've been up since 3am, the baby has been up since 6am and we've already had a full morning of playing inside and then outside in the snow. So while he is currently napping, the snow is falling, and now it's "my time" which means I immediately ditch the jeans and go for something comfortable and today that also just so happens to mean I work for an hour or so while sipping hot chocolate. ☕

My go-to is usually yoga pants but I just ordered these amazing leggings the other day and I've been wanting a moment to try them on since they were delivered yesterday. I read a review that said they feel like "butter" and let me tell you, I think that term is overused but I honestly don't know how else I would describe them! 

Amazingly soft (if you've ever worn Lularoe leggings, they're even softer than that!), they're high waisted without being too high, I've been up and down from sitting to standing and climbing the stairs a few times and I haven't had to hike them up. On top of that, I ordered them in black and charcoal and you can't see through either!!!! This is huge if you've ever tried to wear black leggings before, they usually give away all your secrets. 😳 

And bonus......they're only $12.99 and come in twenty-two different colors! I would say they're on the lighter side so if you're looking for a warm legging for out and about, these won't really be very warm - I wouldn't wear them when we go out for walks unless they're layered underneath something, but there's another plus! While they are fabulous for lounging around the house or will be great come spring for outside, right now they're perfect for layering underneath jeans or something else for added warmth when you're out in the cold! 

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