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My poor little guy has been teething like crazy over the past week, but the last two days have been much more difficult on him and it makes me feel horrible.

Molars are officially the worst!!

I did find this teething oil though which is all natural and immediately creates a numbing effect for relief right away. He's even learned to ask for it by reaching for the bottle and tapping it on my finger like I do when I apply it.  

This bottle has lasted us since the beginning of our teething journey and I still have 3/4 of a bottle left! 

So glad something natural gives him immediate relief and I even apply it during the night when he wakes up and then he's able to fall right back to sleep. 

If the teething bad wasn't hard enough, we also seem to get very stuffy too. So we also use saline and what I call "the nose sucker" to help alleviate the stuffy nose. 




With the "nose sucker" don't worry, the mucus doesn't go anywhere except in the tube. There is a very effective filter as a barrier 😂

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