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I received a sample pack of Target's Cloud Island diapers and as a Pampers Pure user, I was excited to give these a try when I saw they are fragrance and chlorine free just like the Pampers Pure!

Comparison of the look and feel: • The first thing I noticed upon opening the package, is the Cloud Island diapers are just as soft as the Pampers Pure and I've always loved how soft Pampers Pure are. Even Honest Co diapers are nowhere near as soft so I was immediately impressed. • Cloud Island has the wetness indicator as well which I find super helpful with my son. I compared size 3's and the sizes also seemed pretty much the same. In some brands there can be a big difference in sizes even if you purchased the same size. 

(Cloud Island is shown tri-folded on the left and Pampers Pure is on the right)

Comparison of Fit • The Cloud Island seems to fit a bit better. They not only have stretchy tabs, but the back of the diaper also has stretch to it.  My exclusively breastfed son would have a blowout up his back every single day with the Pampers Pure and I stuck with them because I didn't want chlorine or fragrance. I figured if that was the trade off, so be it. BUT days 1 and 2 in Cloud Island and no blow outs!!! I really think it has a lot to do with the stretchy tab at the back. Also, if you have a baby with a smaller waist, I really think these will be a better fit. 

****Pampers Pure pictured below****

***Cloud Island pictured below***

Comparison of Absorption • My 7 month old is a very heavy wetter at night and typically sleeps for an eleven hour stretch at night. He never leaked through the Pampers Pure and he didn't leak through the Cloud Island either. 

Comparison of Price (using Targets price on Pampers Pure to keep comparison accurate) • Cloud Island for the size 3's are 24 cents a piece. • Pampers Pure size 3 are 42 cents a piece ****you can get these cheaper by utilizing Targets subscribe and save as well as their Target Red Card. I use both and save 10% Also, right now Target has a "spend $75 and get a $15 gift card" which applies to both brands.

Overall, I am so impressed with the fit, functionality and price of Cloud Island, that I will be switching to them 😊

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