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Sometimes I feel like I'm pretty organized and then other times I feel like I'm no where near close to it. 

One of the things I have struggled with is the best way to organize some of the more simple things like my calendar, notes, grocery list, etc without feeling like my kitchen was cluttered. I use my phone for a lot of things I need to jot down, but there are so many times when I'm on the phone and need to take down a phone number or I think of something I need to pick up from the grocery store and just want to make note of it quick before I forget. 

For awhile I used a small dry erase board on my refrigerator which served it's purpose pretty well, except for the times things mistakenly got erased, but it also just gave this cluttered feeling to my refrigerator that I didn't like at all. 

So I searched Amazon. 

I knew I wanted a chalkboard of sorts so my little one could doodle on it and it could serve multiple purposes, but after reading about creating a chalkboard wall with paint, I knew I didn't want to go that route. 

I initially purchased a chalk decal that didn't stick to my wall at all and on top of that, I didn't realize I couldn't use actual chalk on it. I could only use liquid chalk marker so it was super disappointing. I revisited the chalkboard paint idea one more time and again, just didn't like the idea of it so I decided to give one more company a try who advertised Chalkboard Contact Paper. It came with 5 pieces of chalk plus an eraser cloth (whoo hoo! A chalkboard that I could actually use CHALK on  ;) ) and it was only $9.95 for a large roll of it so I decided to give it a chance.  

So glad I did!!

Knowing the size of the wall I wanted to cover, I purchased two rolls and put them up side by side with one slightly overlapping the other. 

The really nice thing about this chalkboard contact paper is while you can use traditional chalk, you can also use liquid chalk on it as well which doesn't just wipe off so all of my notes, my calendar, grocery lists and such all stay put even if the wall is rubbed against! To remove any of these notes I simply use a baby wipe. If the notes have been up for awhile and the baby wipe doesn't completely remove them, a magic eraser does!  :) 

And my little one loves drawing on his portion of it too!

Another good use for this if you're not too keen on having your grocery list or calendar visible, or you don't have an available wall to put it on, use the easy to cut lines they provide on the back of the paper and cut a piece to stick to the inside of a cupboard door or pantry door. 

Bonus, I had extra left over from each roll, so I placed some on my desk and used it to take down notes so when I have an hour to work, I know which items I should and realistically can tackle with the time frame I have. 

Right now it's also on sale for 24% off which brings the price of a roll that is 6.5 feet long and 17.3 inches wide down to $7.60! 

If you're looking for chalk markers, just be sure to check they are are specifically for chalkboards. I know it may seem strange, but there are chalk markers that are permanent and called "chalk" because of the chalk-like finish they give. So just double check. This set from Amazon has over a thousand reviews and 4 stars, and on sale right now for $10.70 for 10 markers.



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