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Sparkly Clean Dishes and Dishwasher

You probably already have what is needed in your fridge!

I've heard plenty of tips about the use of vinegar for cleaning a dishwasher, but vinegar can cause rust (know this first hand) and I've also read that is can dry out and cause any plastic pieces (including pipes) to dry and crack.

I've also tried the cup of baking soda trick, but it didn't help cut the hard water build up my dishwasher was accumulating at all.

Then my mom sent me an email with tips on ways to use lemon!

5 days and still no build-up!

This particular article said to use a piece of lemon that had been squeezed and place it in your dishwasher with dirty dishes and let it run.

The first time, I did try it this way. I placed the lemon in the silverware basket and let it run. It made everything super sparkly! However, I wasn't a huge fan of the lemon not being rinsed off of my dishes considering the rind stays in there so even during the rinse cycle, the lemon is still being dispersed.

The next time, I tried placing about a quarter of a cup of lemon juice in a bowl in the top rack and let it run. I got the same results, but fairly certain that this way, the lemon would be rinsed off!

I have now started to do this once a week to keep my dishwasher clean and build up free and my dishes come out so much nicer!

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