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Some Of My Easy Money Saving Tips

When it comes to grocery shopping I think we all know that shopping the sales and coupons and having a big freezer, are all very obvious ways to save money but there are still other ways you can "double up" on those savings and ways you can save on pretty much everything else you buy as well. Everything from hair care to clothes to diaper cream.

Shopping sales and coupons:

I do 98% of my grocery shopping online. I utilize three different grocery stores and all of their coupons and sales are in the app so with a good system in place, it makes it much easier. Throughout the week, I keep a list of everything that will be needed on the next shopping trip and then on my grocery shopping day, I pull up all three apps and I scroll through what coupons they have listed. If any of those coupons match items I have on my list, I add those first. The next thing I do is look at the meat sales. My husband and I invested in a chest freezer shortly after buying our house and it was one of the best decisions we made. By utilizing the freezer, I am able to buy (in bulk) whatever meat is on sale which saves us a significant amount of money.

Utilizing programs like Ibotta and Rakuten:

I know a lot of people think that it's a pain, but it's really not. There is a super easy way to make this work for you. I utilize Ibotta (referral code: htxkmog) every time I grocery shop. On my phone, I simply pull up the Ibotta app and click on the store that I'm checking out with and it takes me to that stores app and that's it. Money is deposited without me having to do anything else.

I use Rakuten (formerly known as ebates) for literally everything else. I can use it on my phone, but I also installed it on my laptop which is now part of the toolbar. Every time I visit a website, it pops up telling me what the cash back percentage is.

For example, when my husband and I were filing our taxes and I visited TaxAct, it popped up with a 10% cash back notice.

Last night I ordered all of my sons spring and summer clothes and I got most everything 70% off through sales and coupons I had, but Rakuten also alerted me to 5% cash back so once I knew I was going to place the order, I clicked where it said "click here to activate cash back" and boom. Done. Within an hour of placing my order, over $7 was deposited into my Rakuten account.

Not every store has the option for cash back in each category or some might only be 1%, but it literally only takes an extra 2-10 seconds to go through Ibotta or Rakuten and even if the savings are just pennies, those pennies add up 😉 I've been utilizing both of these programs since October and have saved well over $200 which is really nice when you have an unexpected expense pop up (like having to buy a new dishwasher last month) and you log into your account, see the balance and can easily withdraw the funds.

These few extra things are definitely worth the savings for my family and is literally the only way we're able to stay within our budget each month.

P.S. If you use my link to sign up for Rakuten, you get a free $10 deposited into your Rakuten account and then with each friend you refer, you have an opportunity to earn more in addition to your shopping savings.



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