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Social Distancing: My Struggle Is Different Than Most and I Will Be Forever Changed Because Of It

While I see so many families struggling with working from home, having their children and spouses home and juggling not only all of the extra work as a result, but also the upset in routine and the stress that it can cause, for me, my struggle is completely different.

When social distancing was announced I guess I was pretty naive because honestly I thought it would be for two weeks and that would be it. I knew not seeing my mom would be tough especially when Isaac and I had grown accustomed to seeing her for our daily walks, but two weeks would be gone before we knew it and then I'd be back to my daily walk and talks with my mom.

And then it was announced that the President wanted it in place until the end of April meaning we were looking at four more weeks and our state had definitely extended it for an additional two weeks.

That is when things started getting difficult for me.

I have my husband and I have my son, but not being able just to pop in and see my mom for even 10 minutes during the day and give her a hug........ it's so much harder than I would have expected and I never imagined I would ever be told that I couldn't give my mom a hug. I understand the reason for it, but it doesn't make it any easier.

My family has always meant everything to me, but I have seen how I took so many things for granted. When something takes place that shakes things up a bit, it's easy to think you'll forever be changed by it but it's also easy to go back to "old habits". I can 100 percent guarantee the one thing I will never forget and will never take for granted again.....my moms hugs.

Hug your families. Even when things are stressful and you may feel like you're at your breaking point, remember the love between you and give them a big hug.



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