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When I bought this t-shirt I thought it was "just a regular t-shirt" and I was skeptical about how it looked on the model, but I was super surprised and happy when I opened it and found how warm it is and it looks nothing like it did in the photo online! I actually had to go back to my orders and look at it again and found it does say it's super soft terry too, haha. It looks a little funky in these photos because of the stripes, but this shirt is so soft and warm and you could easily dress it up with a blazer over top. It's available in nine different colors from stripes to solids too. I am wearing a size medium here so I would say it is pretty true to size and I have long arms which can make it challenging for me to find tops that fit decently in the body without the arms being too short, this one I have no issues with at all.  

The boots I am wearing are an over the knee boot that can also be folded down and are from Venus, not Amazon. I've had them for well over 6 years at this point but amazingly enough they still have them! 

My jeans are a skinny Levi size 6 with some awesome stretch to them making them great for everyday because they move with you really nicely and aren't restricting.



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