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Sharks Newer Robotic Vacuum

Anyone who knows me pretty well, knows that I have a dog, I have hardwood floors and area rugs, I love being barefoot and I HATE (yes, strong word but so true) feeling any dirt or yuck underneath my feet while walking within my own home. All of this means I LOVE my robotic vacuums. Yup, plural. I have three floors in my home so I have three vacuums 😂

My upstairs and downstairs models are the same and run every morning at 9am and usually run for about an hour and twenty minutes or so before docking themselves for a recharge.

The model for my main floor I purchased more recently and is a newer version with self mapping. While the self mapping isn't why I purchased it, it is ultimately why I've kept it!

This version is $100 more than my other two and touted the ability to better clean carpets with better suction and a self cleaning brush roll so I thought it would be perfect considering a have a lab who seems to be shedding an entire dogs worth of hair every other day.

What I found ~

My other Shark Robot Vacuums have suction power allowing them to clean just as well as this newer one, however because the newer one maps your house, it remembers where it has already been and where it needs to go so the run time to cover my entire main floor is about 32 minutes compared to the other models who run all willy-nilly across the floor for an hour and twenty minutes until their batteries run out.

Now I'm not complaining. End result when they're finished is I have clean floors and didn't have to do anything except set the schedule for when I want each one to clean for me each day.

Another great selling feature? That self cleaning brush roll. Since my dog is a lab with short hair, I don't have to worry about it wrapping around the brush roll, my own hair on the other hand is another issue. With hair down past my mid-back, that self cleaning brush roll is amazing!

There are two models within the series of vacuums I most recently purchased. There is the 1000 model that I have and then there is a 1001 model which also empties it's own bin into a larger bin when full and then continues cleaning until the map shows it has covered all areas. I could see where this would be really handy if you have a huge house, but my home in 2200 square feet broken up into just over 700 square feet per floor and my main floor vacuum can run two to three times before I have to empty it. If you have a very large home though I can definitely see where a self empty bin option would be advantageous. In that case,

Another thing worth noting, especially if you've ever owned a Shark Robotic Vacuum before, this one is definitely louder. Not a deal breaker for me since it usually runs while I'm upstairs sleeping or while my child is napping and I'm sitting here working (okay, maybe enjoying a glass of Sunday wine) and not bothered by the noise.

End result, for me, definitely worth the extra $100 for the coverage and less time spent running which still makes this an affordable vacuum at $299 on sale from $394

Also, these are currently Walmart's prices, if you purchase from Target like I did, they price match Walmart! All I did was call and let the know Walmart had it cheaper and without any hassle they refunded me $142 plus tax.

Cheers to clean floors! 🥂

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