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More times than not this is my Mom face (and hair!) and by the blurry photo you can probably see why 😂 But I'm going to try and do better because it makes me feel better and I know when I feel better, it reflects in everything.

The good skin and hair genes skipped me though. A couple of years ago I finally found something that keeps my acne at bay (after 24 years of struggling with it) and a foundation that I love (I'm a super makeup minimalist) So, next I’m going to work on this crazy hair - the postpartum regrowth is killing me, but at least it grew back right? For awhile I thought I'd forever have a receding hairline 😂 

I definitely need eyebrow help though! I'm so lost when it comes to shaping, trimming, and just overall making them look nice. I plan on doing on bunch of searching and can share with you anything I find that actually works, but if you have any ideas send me a message please! 💜

This post has details on my skin routine and makeup which has kept my acne at bay.

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