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Have you ever tried to reorder a product you love, but found it was out of stock or no longer being made?

That's exactly what happened to me the other day for the third time. I have been using Honest Company's lavender hand soap for my family for well over a year now and it's one of those things where I trusted the product and didn't have to worry about SLS and such. Arranging a subscription order was sometimes a pain because I didn't always need the minimum number of items, so I usually tried to get enough hand soap to last me several months.

The last time this happened, I tried Dr. Bronner's and it dried out my hands really badly. I looked at the ingredients in Mrs. Meyers and after reading just a few in, I immediately put it back on the shelf. Yardley was one of my favorites years ago, but it's the same as Mrs. Meyers.....yucky stuff in it.

So when I went to reorder it from Honest Company the other day and it was out of stock once again, I immediately cringed. My next stop was Amazon and no luck. I immediately dreaded having to go searching for another hand soap that was free of the yucky stuff and then I remembered using one by Seventh Generation awhile ago. Looked up the ingredients and no SLS, phalates or synthetic fragrance! 

Now I'm not saying this is a "natural" soap because honestly I don't think there is such a thing, but I know there are definitely ingredients in several of our frequently used products that I feel strongly about staying away from and this one I'm okay with  :)

So.....if you're an Honest Company hand soap user like me and need a back up for when it is out of stock, this Seventh Generation Lavender Flower & Mint is my next favorite!  

Please note, these opinions are strictly my own and each item I purchased. I was not provided free product in exchange for a review. 

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