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Quality Baby/House Monitor

You know a great way to prevent a baby monitor from ever working again? Drop it in a sink full of hot, soapy water.

Yup, still not sure how I did it but that's exactly what happened.

It slipped out of my hand and was in the sink for literally 2 seconds. I had hope at first considering I turned it on and it worked. And then it fizzled out. Ha.

So I thought I'd let it dry out and try again the next day. Nope. Dead.

The best thing about that baby monitor was it had decent picture and sound quality and was only $50! Plus, it didn't operate on wifi, I believe hacking into cameras actually takes place and I will not allow someone to watch my family in our home like that. No thanks to the indoor wifi cameras.

I was about to buy the same exact one again until I started thinking about how I'd love to have a camera in the living room so I can see Isaac when I'm in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes. So many times, he grabs food out of the refrigerator and eats in the living room and not being able to see him makes me so nervous.

So good news! I found this VTech for 50% off (it's still 50% off as of today), it has two cameras, it pans/tilts/zooms and has a nice big hand held monitor. Yes, it CAN operate on wifi, but it doesn't have to. I didn't hook it up to my network or install the baby app required so it's only operating via the direct connection to the handheld monitor.

I can monitor both cameras (if I ever needed to) simultaneously, one camera at a time or have it switch back and forth every 10 seconds or so automatically.

Seriously, for $84.99 this system is more than worth it!

And this one is going nowhere near the kitchen sink while I'm doing dishes!

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