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Pants For Home & Working Out

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Eight years ago I found yoga pants that I loved and wore non-stop around the house. I had about six pairs of them but after eight years, they were thread bare and no longer stayed up so I had to start searching for new ones.

After trying four pairs I found the winners!

These are most definitely one of those types of pants that are perfect for working out but somehow even better for what I call "comfy pants" days.

Which for me, is any day I'm home! I'm all about jeans when out and about, but for relaxing at home or chasing around my toddler, the less restriction the better!

These are Pureluxe flare pants from Fabletics and are so amazingly soft. They can be worn as a high waist or folded down to be worn lower.

If you sign up for VIP, they are 2 for $24 and you can either skip each month very easily online or just as easily, cancel your membership.

I'm slowly replacing my comfy pants collection with these and leggings in the same material 😍

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