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Painless Ear Piercing

A couple of weeks ago my sister was telling me how my almost nine year old niece wanted to get her ears pierced, but due to COVID she'd really only feel comfortable taking her to a doctors office and it was going to cost around $100.

I think my head about popped off at that dollar figure.

Twelve years ago I pierced my sisters ears (second earlobe piercing) just before her wedding with a simple gun and I thought then that it couldn't have been much easier.

I also remember her telling me the piercing gun didn't cost that much so I questioned why she wouldn't just pierce my nieces ears herself and with big eyes she told me she couldn't.

Then she immediately questioned, "Could YOU?"

I said, "Absolutely!" haha!

Two hours later she texted me to say she had ordered the piercing gun, my niece was all excited and we set a date.

Twelve years ago when I pierced my sisters ears, the gun took some pressure to get the earring through her ear lobe and then once pierced, the gun stuck to the earring a bit so I had to gently wiggle it off. Still, all-in-all it was super simple.

Piercing my nieces ears was even easier though!

This gun is spring loaded and I had to apply ZERO pressure to push it through. I literally squeezed the two pieces together to activate the spring and once the spring was released, wham!


The back was even put on the earring at the same time.

She had some of the typical redness for a couple of hours and it was already going away by the time she left my house.

I think I got "piercing happy" because then I started thinking about how the second holes I had in my ear lobes, which were pierced when I was seven years old, had completely closed in the last two years and I really wanted them back. So I purchased the same piercing gun used for my niece and I re-pierced my ears.

I couldn't believe how much it DIDN'T hurt. I experienced a quick pinch like you'd get if you pinched the back of your arm and then just warmth for about 30 minutes after.

In the next 48 hours, I cleaned them a few times (mostly because I was in the horses barn and wanted to be sure they were clean) and had a little soreness when I initially turned the earring during the cleaning process, but after 24 hours, the soreness was gone completely!

Now I'm on the hunt for pretty posts for when these can be changed in another four weeks ❤

The piercing gun I used is on Amazon for $9.99 and you can choose between gold and silver posts.

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