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Last year I mentioned I had put up contact chalkboard paper in my kitchen and how happy I was with it. Well, a year later it is helping me even more so!

I decided on the chalkboard contact paper because it peels off the wall easily so if I were to decide to move it, it's super easy. Plus, when I researched buying the chalkboard paint, I was a little surprised at the amount of prep work needed, although it made sense because your wall needs to be super smooth for the paint to adhere.

For me, this option was best and it serves as my wall calendar, shopping list, to-do list, note board and Isaac's coloring spot.

As I'm cooking in the kitchen and I notice we're getting low on something, I immediately grab a chalk marker I have close by and add the product to my grocery list. As I'm on the phone and someone wants to give me a reference number, there's no searching for a pen and paper. At the very top of the board where it can't be accidentally erased, I keep medication information such as where sets of epi pens can be located.

This board becomes increasingly handy as Isaac gets older and I'm giving him more and more experiences too. Each day, I easily jot down our plans (today it's a visit to the dairy farm!) and because it's not on my phone, Peter can easily see what we have going on.

Little tip: if you decide to add a calendar to it like I did, purchase a fine tip white paint pen. That way when you erase your board each month your calendar lines stay put!



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