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Not All Back Carries Are Created Equal

After spending some time cuddling and nursing in the morning while watching cartoons, I typically start getting us and the house ready for the day while also making breakfast. Any time I am up and about though, Isaac wants to be right there with me watching and participating -while being held preferably according to him - so I have been loving back carries in my wraps.

I have quickly learned that just like a front carry, some back carries are great for a longer length of time and some are perfect for a "quick up" when you know your child won't want to be held for long so you don't want to spend more than 60 seconds wrapping. This morning I knew we'd be staying like this for awhile so I took a few moments to do a Double Hammock Rapids Variation. It was only the second time I've tried this carry, but my-oh-my it's super comfy and easy to do! I love that I don't feel any weight on my shoulders and even though Isaac wasn't up high enough to see over my shoulder like he is in some of the other carries, he seems to enjoy this one quite a bit too!

This is also a great option if you're working with a thicker wrap like I am using here because there are no fabric passes going between you and then underneath the childs knees which can seem to cause discomfort with a thick wrap.

When little one gets tired or just feels super snuggly, he likes to tuck his arms down inside the wrap and this variation allowed him to do that easily as well so it's definitely great for both of us.

If you've ever considered back wrapping but you're afraid to try it and think it'll just be way too complicated (that was me for a long time) it's really not, so I highly encourage you to just do. The first few times utilize sitting on a bed or the couch or something similar until you get the hang of it for the safety of your little one.



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