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I love lipstick, but my biggest pet peeves when wearing it (other than trying to find the best color) is having to reapply it every time I drink or eat or not be able to kiss my son without leaving big lipstick marks on him.....

But my favorite lipstick is glossy when it first goes on and feels amazing (not at all drying) but when the gloss wears off, it leaves the perfect shade of pink stained on your lips which lasts most of the day even when eating or drinking!

The best part is this lipstick basically customizes itself for each person.  It comes out of the tube green

and once applied, it changes to match each person's pH in their skin and create their own best pink! It's perfect for summer!

It is typically priced at $25 and every sale or coupon I've seen at Ulta Beauty or Sephora excludes this brand, however I just found it on Amazon for $17.44

Click here to find it at an Ulta Beauty near you

Or here for the best price at Amazon

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