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Updated: Jan 16

My hair and makeup have always been very simple as I prefer a more natural look, plus I have just never wanted to spend that much time getting ready. The less time it takes me,  the better! Especially now that I have a little one  😊

I have a full video tutorial on Youtube that you can check out with the below link or just keep reading for a full list of what I've used. 

Video Tutorial  https://youtu.be/bWJzkUNeVjc

The first thing I start with is my moisturizer. I actually use this over my entire body and in the past year and a half that I've been using it on my face, it has really helped keep any breakouts in check - big fan!

Once my moisturizer has had time to work its magic I dab a little bit of eye cream on that pesky wrinkle I have right between my eyebrows and a little at the corner of my eyes. It's crazy how noticeable that wrinkle has become if I don't plump it up a little.  

Next is my foundation. This small tube of foundation is about $44, but it has lasted me well over a year at this point so it really is a lot less expensive than most others out there and it works so much better! I tend to get a little T-zone oily during the day and this foundation helps with that plus it glides on so smoothly and stays that way. No settling into creases or wrinkles.  You can apply it with your fingers, but I like the finish using a brush gives and I feel like I use less of the product. 

If it's a day where I'm feeling like spending an extra 2 minutes on myself or I'm just feeling like I'd like some eyeshadow, I keep it super simple with a swipe of the lighter color across my lids to my brow bone and a little bit right in the corner of my eyes just to brighten them up a bit. I then use a medium color and create a V-shape using my brush in my crease and across my upper lashes but only going as far as about mid pupil. 

I'm using an Urban Decay brush from a previous palette I had, but Amazon has this one with a blending brush which is very similar.  My blending brush is what I finish it off with using small circular motions keeping with that V-shape. 

I almost always use eyeliner because without it, it seems like everyone is always commenting on how tired I look 😊 There are days when I'll use a flat brush moistened with a dab of water and then this darker purplish color 

from the same palette, but for today and this tutorial I've used Maybelline Unstoppable in Espresso.

I'm currently using Honest Co mascara and primer in one - in the video you'll see I only have one wand and that's because I dropped the primer wand in the toilet yesterday 🙄 so today I'm not priming, just adding mascara which totally works too. I believe you're supposed to switch out your mascara every 6 months or so and I'm totally guilty of going way over that. I think I've been using this one for about a year and I have to say, completely impressed that considering I've had it for so long, I've had zero issues with it clumping! That's one of my huge pet peeves when it comes to mascara so I'll definitely be purchasing another. 

Last step which again, depending on what my day looks like I may or may not do is my tinted lip balm. This stuff is so much lighter than lipstick, it doesn't get sticky or dry. Quite the opposite, its great for hydration and the colors are really nice! I've been liking this plum drop color which I think I'll be keeping through the fall and maybe winter and then for spring I might lighten it up. 

My eye cream and foundation are the only products that do have to be purchased through a consultant that sells them, but everything else is available right from the company itself, Amazon or even Ulta Beauty or Walmart. 

This all takes me maybe 8 minutes in the morning if I do all of it. If I find another product that I use and takes me even less time I'll be sure to share it with you 😉



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