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Making The Most Of Quarantine

It isn't always easy to look at the glass as being half full, but I'm a true believer that the more positive you are about a situation, the easier it is. I'm not saying this isn't a difficult time for many families, (including my own) and having a positive attitude doesn't make the financial burden any less, however looking for the good in a situation can change your mental attitude and that has a huge impact on everything overall.

As of two days ago my husbands job closed down to comply with the request from the state of closing all non-essential businesses and working from home for him, isn't a option. So here we are, no one in and no one out :)

As a stay at home Mom, I'm used to being home most days and finding ways to keep my little one occupied, happy and challenged, but having my husband home to help with that frees me up to accomplish a lot of other tasks which I am going to take full advantage of!

So the positives of being quarantined:

Cooking and baking.

I've made a batch of lasagna soup and chili which are now both frozen in individual portion sizes. I am currently thawing a turkey to make turkey vegetable soup, creamy chicken and rice, taco soup, ham and potato soup and goulash all of which will be frozen in individual sized portions. Yesterday I made corn muffins and apple muffins (I planned on freezing a few of them, but they've been eaten very quickly!) and later on today I'll be baking chocolate chip cookies, which also freeze amazingly well wrapped in tin foil.

All of this cooking and baking has been great for my little one too who loves to help me stir, measure and pour.

A clean house!

Most days I feel like I have a difficult time just keeping up with the day to day stuff, after all I'm my sons playmate for about ten hours every day so that doesn't leave much time for anything else. But right now, with two of us home and able to take turns playing and occupying, that means I've been able to empty and organize my chest freezer, organize my pantry and create a second location for it to make things easier to locate. Washing things like my walls, baseboards, cupboards and cleaning out closets are on my list we well. Basically, I'm treating this as a perfect opportunity to do my spring cleaning!

Extra time with Daddy.

With daddy working 40+ hours a week, he really only gets to spend a couple of hours each day with Isaac and while it might be an adjustment for our little guy when daddy goes back to work, I'm thankful that the two of them have this time to play and bond.

Mommy gets some time for myself.

Example: right now I'm sitting here while my little guy naps writing this blog post and enjoying a glass of wine. Granted, I was going to work out, but without any clean workout bras I thought this was a great second option 😂 Seriously though, right now I'd be taking advantage of nap time to hurry and clean the kitchen, fold laundry, and hope to get my work out in and some time working on my blog before Isaac wakes up. But, with help during play time this morning, I was able to clean the kitchen already and a second set of hands took care of folding the laundry while I was putting Isaac down for a nap......so I decided to put on some clean, yet comfy clothes and makeup and I get to enjoy some quiet time and my glass of wine. This just earned me a nice compliment from my husband too of, "I like the minimal makeup, you look nice." Win, win!!

Perspective can be huge so during these challenging times, I hope everyone can take a moment to try and find and then focus on the good that can come out of it.



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