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Let Them Be Little

It seems to start at the beginning with the "milestones". I understand why doctors use them, but I see it put so much pressure on parents. Is that pressure then becoming something we so often think about that we miss out on the joy of many little things?

I was thinking of this today as I watched my son run from my bedroom into his room to grab the drink I had just asked him for. Running down the hall in his little onesie, his little diapered butt and those long skinny legs taking him as fast as they could. I started thinking about all the articles I've been seeing lately on potty training and all of the Facebook posts in the mama groups asking for advice on how to get a two year old potty trained.

My son just turned two and as of right now, has shown zero interest in the potty, and I'm okay with that. He will do it in his own time and I honestly don't understand the "push" to potty train because a child has turned two years of age.

Let them be two.

Let them be free to poop and pee in their diapers and not have to worry about stopping what they're doing to run to the bathroom.

Let them do it when they decide they're interested.

I thought about this same thing again this afternoon. Nap time rolled around so I laid down with my son and nursed him to sleep. Within five minutes of getting up, he was awake and crying for me. I laid back down, popped my nipple back in his mouth, he grabbed ahold of my shirt and went back to sleep. The next time I tried to get up, I didn't even make it out of the bed before he woke up. This isn't how naps typically go for us, but for some reason he needed me extra close today. Maybe he didn't feel 100%, maybe emotionally he was feeling "off", maybe he's going through a growth spurt.....whatever the reason is, I might never know, but he's only two years old and he's still so very little. So instead of "forcing" an independent, big boy (because being 2 years old now is suddenly a big boy in some peoples minds) nap, I cuddled and stayed close to my baby and gave him exactly what he needed.

Same thing again tonight at bed time. Typically he falls right asleep in his bed, but not tonight. After spending an hour rocking, he finally fell asleep only to wake up immediately the moment I put him down reaching his little arms up and whispering "Mama". So guess what? He's now in my bed curled up into my chest sleeping soundly.

Today he needed extra Mama cuddles and closeness. It doesn't matter that he's two years old and society doesn't view them as babies anymore, that doesn't mean that they don't still need the reassurance and closeness that babies need.

Let them be little. Don't rush the growing up process, it's going to happen regardless. Focus on and enjoy the "now" and be flexible to give them exactly what they need, whether they are two years old or five years old. Keep perspective, they are still so very, very young.

- A Deep In Thought Mama

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