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The other day it was 18 degrees and I have no idea what it "felt like" with the wind chill factor.....but with our warm gear on, we still went outside for a 25 minute walk. Now I'm not saying everyone should take their young ones outside when it's that cold, but here is what I did and my little one stayed super snug and warm.

I always start by dressing him in a fleece romper with a onesie underneath. That is pretty much our everyday winter wear go-to along with his fleece slippers  and now with these cold temperatures, after putting him in the carrier I also put this fleece lined carrier cover  on which looks like a half sleeping bag. It's available on Amazon for $27.99 and has a hood and pockets in the front to keep my hands warm. 

It's super nice for even just days when we're running errands. Yesterday we were out all day long and each stop I didn't even put a coat on, I wore a heavy sweatshirt and placed this cover over him and it was perfect. It even has handy zippers along the sides to open so your little one doesn't get too warm while you're in the stores without having to take the carrier on and off. 

For our walks I then put our babywearing sweatshirt on from Lenny Lamb (it's actually warmer than their parka in my opinion) along with fleece hats for both of us, fleece mittens for me and then the hood up from the carrier cover and we're toasty warm! 

With the really cold air, I do place my fleece mittened hand along my sons cheek which keeps them warm and the air around him a bit warmer. His head is usually laid down on me so his other cheek stays nice and warm. 

This cover is truly amazing though if you baby wear in the cold at all, even for errands!



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