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Whether skinny, bootcut or wide leg jeans, I feel there is certain look they are each best for so I personally have all styles in my closet.

I love a nice pair of skinny jeans with tall boots in the fall, but I also love bootcut jeans with heels for a dressed up look or with sneakers for a dressed down look. I feel this is the most versatile style and flattering on most figures.

I've been wearing my Big Star jeans for over five years now and absolutely love them, but they are long and best worn with a pair of heels. And these days, while carrying a baby, I don't often find myself wearing heels anymore. I'm not complaining though! I'd rather carry around my little one all day, every day. 😍

A must for me in a pair of comfortable jeans is STRETCH. If they don't stretch I find myself just itching to get them off and put on a comfortable pair of yoga pants. If they have stretch though I can wear them all day every day.

That's exactly how these Denizens from Target are. The boot cut style is perfect, the length is spot on for flats or sneakers and the stretch is incredible.

Another must for me is no muffin top! These are mid rise and don't dig in at all. I think it comes down to that stretch again 😉

You may want to size down, I typically wear a size 4 and I'm 5'6" but these are a size 2 regular length. I have also washed and dried these several times now and they didn't shrink. Highly recommend!

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