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Every Momma knows diapers can be expensive! But you can find them for quite a bit less if you're willing to just take a few moments online before heading to the store or better yet, ordering them!

I am a huge fan of the more "natural" diapers so chlorine free, fragrance free, and latex free are a must in my book and they are even more expensive. However, even if you prefer traditional Pampers like the swaddlers or Luvs, you can still save quite a bit on these less expensive options.

1) Check Target! This is my go to for diapers because quite often they will have a buy 2 boxes and get a $10 gift card or spend $75 and get a $15 gift card. They run these specials A LOT. On top of that, if you have their Red Card and sign up for subscribe and save, you can save 15%. When they run their gift card special, it applies to pick up or restock only, so I just arrange to pick up my subscription in store to get the gift card.

2) Coupons. I know, coupon shopping isn't always convenient, but I'm talking online coupons so no clipping ans carrying around all these tiny pieces of paper the perfect size to lose  :) Amazon will quite often have diapers on sale with a clickable coupon. If you shop Amazon for diapers though, check their prices against Walmart because if Amazon doesn't have them on sale, Walmart is often times cheaper.

3) Sign up for the brands app. If you find you stick with mostly one brand of diaper, dowload their app. Most have rewards points to redeem for free diapers.

4) Check out competitors. I used Pampers Pure until Target came out with their Cloud Island brand. Targets diapers are free from the frangrance, chlorine, latex and everything but they pack several more diapers into a box so while the price might not seem much different with a box of Pampers at  $24.99 and a box of Cloud Island $21.99, once you calculate the cost per diaper there is a significant cost savings with Cloud Island.

5) always pay attention to the number of diapers in a pack. A cheaper box might not actually be cheaper in the cost per diaper.

6) Take advantage of samples whenever you can. It might only be enough to last a week, but it could save you $5 - $10

7) Check Honest Company. If you like Honest diapers they have run sales where you buy one months bundle and you get a second free. While the initial bundle might cost most, once you get your free bundle you've ended up spending about $0.12 a diaper and that's cheaper than most of the "cheap" diapers.



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