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Living Room Toy Organization

I always thought having a house where the bedrooms were upstairs would be really nice and it was, until I had a child.

Having Isaac's bedroom upstairs when he's not at an age where he can independently navigate the stairs and play on his own means that during the day, he spends a lot of time on the main floor of our home. We do have a playroom, but that is downstairs from the main floor so it's the same situation.

So after trying a couple of ideas, eight months ago I finally found a solution and it continues to work perfectly.

The first thing I tried was a giant toy box that was also an ottoman. While it was nice to have at times, ultimately it took up a lot of floor space and Isaac was overwhelmed each time he opened it to choose a toy.

I also tried a bookshelf with shelves and doors underneath where I could store bins of toys. It didn't work too bad, but I did find that out of sight meant out of mind and so Isaac didn't often open it to find his toys. It also wasn't nearly enough space for everything.

Finally, I decided I had a section of wall that I could devote to cube storage so I took measurements of the space and started searching. I started off at IKEA, but they didn't have what I needed with my measurements. I ended up looking at Target online and finding two separate cube shelves that I could stand on end and then anchor to the wall. They fit perfectly! I also found 11" fabric cubes there for only $5 (they are now dropped to $4 each) so the entire set up ended up costing just under $130.

I've been super surprised by just how many toys the cubes hold (looking at them they seem so small so I wasn't sure) and because there are separate bins to look through, it's not overwhelming to Isaac like having a big toy box was and he plays with everything in these cubes and they're hidden away!

I also love that if I change my living room colors or just want to switch the colors of my bins, it's very easy and inexpensive to do so.


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