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How To Fake Freshly Washed Hair

As a mom there are many days when I don't get to shower. Heck, even if you're not a mom there may be many days when a shower just isn't in the cards. This has been me today....and yesterday.....fingers crossed I get one tomorrow 🤣

Before, on those days dry shampoo was definitely my go-to, but I noticed that if I didn't get to shower the day after using my dry shampoo then my head got super itchy and my hair was always flat which meant I usually rocked a messy bun on every dry shampoo day.

That's how it used to be. Then I visited my sister and saw her dry shampoo in the bathroom and it was the first non-aerosol and non-powder dry shampoo I'd ever seen! I looks and feels like mousse! I'm not a fan of aerosol because I don't like the idea of me or my family breathing it in, also it seems like many dry shampoos have a super strong "perfumey" scent to them that lingers a LONG TIME. I'm just not a fan.

So my next trip to Target I bought this new dry shampoo. The first time I used it, I used way too much. You literally only need a tiny bit, and within just a couple of seconds of applying it your hair is dry and feels amazing! It does have a slight scent of vanilla and jasmine to it, but it's not strong at all and after applying it, I no longer smelled it on my hair.

I got rid of the flat-matted-to-my-head-hair with Beyond The Zone Volumizing Powder. I purchased mine from Amazon for $7.79 and it was a surprisingly small bottle when I received it, but it's another product that you only need a tiny bit of so I feel like it will last quite awhile.

One tip on the volumizing powder, it says to apply to your fingertips and then work into your roots, but I section off my hair and sprinkle it at my roots directly and then work it in with my fingertips. When I applied it to my fingertips first I felt like it just kinda disappeared and very little product actually got on my roots so I just feel sprinkling a little directly works better.



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