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How My Family Chose The Life We Wanted

Seven years ago I met my husband and the life we thought we wanted was the complete opposite of the life we have now and I couldn’t be happier.

Seven years ago, I had been in my career for almost a decade, I had worked through several promotions and pay raises and genuinely enjoyed what I did. Peter was also in the same field which is how we met.

Not long after we started dating we had conversations about what we wanted life to look like when we started a family. I was sure I couldn’t be a stay at home mom. I loved what I did, I liked the income and I couldn’t imagine being home every day. Peter thought he’d love being a stay at home dad and we agreed on public schooling. Our “plan” was all set.

Until a little bundle named Isaac came into our lives.

Two and a half years ago found us with Peter in a new career that he loves and had been there for almost three years at that point, I was also in a new career and had an amazing job opportunity waiting for me as soon as my maternity leave ended. With a mortgage, two car payments, a new baby and all the other expenses in life, the plan was for Isaac to be cared for by family during the week while we both worked.

That all changed when Isaac was five weeks old.

We were all out in the yard one evening and I was sitting with my baby propped up on my knees, staring into his little face and I just started crying. I was facing my maternity leave coming to an end and my heart was breaking in a way I had never experienced. The job I thought I never wanted, a stay at home mom, was exactly what I needed and couldn’t imagine not having.

Right away Peter told me we needed to find a way for me to stay home with Isaac. He expressed that not only did he feel that I needed that, but he felt Isaac needed it too. I was so beyond thankful because it wasn’t at all what our “plan” was and it wasn’t what I had told him five years prior that I wanted. I also had no idea how we were going to make it work.

After making a list of all of our expenses and taking time to go over it together, we started making sacrifices to have the life we both wanted and most importantly, the life we felt was best for Isaac.

Five years after we had made our first “life plan” we turned it around completely. I have been a stay at home mom for a little over two years (a job Peter now says there is no way he would want to try and do) and Isaac is being homeschooled by me.

Choosing this life has meant many sacrifices. It has meant planning carefully. It means finding sales and good deals on everything, especially groceries. It means constantly budgeting. For me, it also means trusting.

It is all worth it thought to raise Isaac the way we have chosen to raise him, to be there for every ‘first’ he has had and continues to have. To give him my all every single day.

Life isn’t easy, life can be stressful, but this is the life that we have happily chosen for all of us and it’s our BEST LIFE.

If you’re looking to make some of the same changes for your family and need any advice or tips on how we’ve done it, I am more than happy to help any way that I can.



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