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How I Fit In Time To Be "Fit"

For almost a year now I've been taking a daily walk with my Mom and son which usually lasts for about an hour. It's definitely a good walk especially considering a good portion of it I'm carrying 23 pounds on my front or back, but it doesn't feel like a workout and walking doesn't work all of my muscles.

I love how I feel after a workout and I've learned that it doesn't have to be strenuous. Just the mental feeling of accomplishment and overall "Yes! I did something for me and I feel great!" That feeling - whatever name you'd like to put on it. Haha

Walking is great, but I need MORE. Plus, I had a lingering 10 pounds I wanted to get rid of and walking wasn't taking care of it.

So I made some changes.

About three months ago I went back to intermittent fasting which I had practiced for almost ten years prior to becoming pregnant. Once I gave birth and was a nursing Mama, I held off on going back to it afraid that it might affect my milk supply. Now that my son is two though and we have reached my goal of nursing until the age of two, I was okay if I saw my milk supply drop as a result. (By the way, it didn't) And in the first two weeks I dropped eight pounds. I was still missing that muscle tone though and the burn of a good workout as well as the sense of accomplishment though so I started looking at workout programs.

To all those Mama's out there who told me when I was a fitness instructor that they didn't have time for an hour workout, I GET IT NOW! I for sure didn't understand not having an hour to take a class or do an at home workout then, but I definitely do now.

30 Minute workouts all the way!!!

Over the years, I've pretty much tried everything out there as far as types of workouts and I had figured out what I liked and didn't like. However, in the past few years I have found that some of what I used to like I don't like at all anymore.

My advice to anyone out there looking to make some changes or fit in a workout:

1) Make it a priority. My little one is my priority, but I can shower when my little one is awake. I can clean the house when my little one is awake. I can cook dinner and clean up the kitchen when he is awake. Working out is near impossible when he's up. So once he is asleep for his nap, I immediately put on my workout pants and I do my 30 minute workout. After that is done, then I try and fit in as much as I can before he wakes up, but that workout is my priority while Isaac is napping.

2) Find out what type of workout YOU like. Do you prefer running, yoga, kickboxing, pilates, etc. YouTube is an excellent resource for finding a style of workout you'll love, but keep in mind that instructors can make or break how much you love a program so try really hard to think about the moves you're doing in judging style and "ignore" the instructor if you're not a fan of them.

3) Consider a streaming service. Yup, it's probably not free but having the variety and options will keep your workouts from getting boring and help you stay on track. Plus, when new stuff comes out, you'll be able to try it and see whether you like it or not.

Me personally, I'm a fan of some Pilates and some Barre workouts and I say "some" because I've done Pilates and Barre workouts that I greatly despise, but it was usually due to the instructor or their style so I went on the hunt for an instructor that I did like. I found Andrea Rogers a few years ago and thought she was fantastic, but I was utilizing a DVD and it got old fast. In my searches I found OpenFit.com and not only is Andrea Rogers on there (along with MANY others) she has a TON of different 30 minute workouts!! I just finished a 21 day program and now onto day 4 of a 30 day hybrid (Barre and Pilates) program and it is amazing. Just 14 days into the 21 day program I receive a couple of comments about how my hips were slimming and I was definitely feeling the changes which is always a great feeling!

So basically, make 30 minutes for YOU a priority, find something you love and realize you don't need something that makes you sweat gallons or leaves you heaving for breath to see changes. Be kind to yourself and enjoy those 30 minutes for YOU.


Ami (Former Fitness Instructor 😂)

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