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Home Spring Makeover - Kitchen

I've heard that for 2021 white kitchens are out and darker paint for a "cozier feel" is in.

Not in my book.

I love white kitchens. I love bright and I love a clean look.

Before Hardware and Red Accents were added

I can bring that warmer, cozier feel in by adding accent pieces for texture and color, but my base needs to be bright and clean. It's also much more versatile.

After giving my bathrooms a facelift I felt confident enough to move onto my kitchen and so I dove right in.

For awhile I had given up on painting my cabinets because with a two year old running around there was no way I’d be able to sand them while he was awake and no way I could run a noisy sander while he was napping. So I ended up completing this project a little backwards, but end result is it’s done and looks amazing!

In a previous post I shared my quick and easy counter top solution without having to replace the counters, but that just made my cabinets look even worse and I knew I needed to do something. After seeing the scouring pad idea work on my bathroom cabinets so well, I used the same method in my kitchen.

Honestly, this was probably the most tedious part for me because not only do you have to “rough up” the surface of each cabinet and door, but you also want to be sure your cabinets are completely free of dirt, grease, etc. to have a nice surface for your paint to adhere to.

After removing the hardware, thoroughly cleaning each section and then taping off the surfaces I needed to protect, I got to painting. My walls are a very light gray color and so I chose Behr Marquee Ultra White in satin which is a paint and primer combination and can be found at Home Depot.

I gave every door and cabinet surface two coats of paint using mostly a mini-roller and with my husband being home, having a two year old and the kitchen still needing to be used all day, the entire process from cleaning the cabinets to applying the last coat of paint took from about 8am to 9:30pm and I re-hung all of the doors when I got up the next morning.

With Hardware and Accent Pieces

I chose red as my accent pieces and utilized that in two rugs, one in front of my stove and the other in front of my sink. As well as a utensil holder, spoon rest and soap dispenser. Most of my red pieces I found at Kohls with the exception of my soap dispenser, that was made for me by my Mom <3

For just a days worth of work, I’m truly surprised and impressed at the difference.

If you'd like to see what I used for my counter tops, check out my blog post; A Quick Kitchen Counter Makeover

Check out what it looks like now compared to before!

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