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Home Spring Makeover - Bathrooms

What started out as a countertop solution snowballed into an entire home makeover and it ended up being perfect in anticipation of spring, warm air, bright colors, windows open and all the fresh smells.

I wanted bright.

I planned on starting in my kitchen, but decided to experiment first by starting with my bathrooms. In each of the three bathrooms, they had the same oak colored wood cabinets that needed a major update and everything was just dark and yucky.

All of my cabinets were very worn (not peeling) and so the only prep work I needed to do was to “rough them up” a bit. If they had been peeling or still had a glossy sheen to them, I probably would have needed to sand them, but due to their condition and the wear they showed, I just needed to scrub them down with a scouring pad.

I started by taking off all of the doors and hardware and applying the first coat of Behr Marquee paint.

I found that using a small roller worked the best as it was not just the quickest way to apply the paint, but it also went on much smoother.

This particular paint dries to the touch in one hour and is ready for a second coat in two hours and because I used the Ultra White for the cabinets, I did need a second coat. With Behr Marquee colors though, they guarantee one coat finish on all of their tinted options.

In my downstairs half bath I started out by painting the cabinets (as shown in the first photo), and then moved on to the bifold doors, walls, trim and entry door and it's so much brighter! Had I realized I would end up painting the entire bathroom, I would have definitely started with the walls and completed the cabinet last!

In my upstairs master bathroom I painted the cabinet, medicine cabinet, walls, trim and entry door and in my sons bathroom I painted the cabinet, walls and entry door. Walls and trim in that one are next ;)

Paint used:

Cabinets including medicine cabinet - Behr Marquee Ultra White in Satin

Entry doors, bifold doors and trim - Behr Marquee Ultra White in Semi-Gloss

Walls - Behr Marquee Pixel White in Satin

If you're thinking of giving a room a refresh or a complete update, do it! I love seeing how a fresh coat of paint makes an immediate difference.

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