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Hip Bag, Not a Fanny Pack

I find the stigma surrounding fanny packs to be amusing, but one thing I think can be agreed on by most is just how freaking convenient they are!

Since I'm a baby wearing Mama ways of carrying our essentials has been a bit of a challenge and since I carry epi pens, having something to hold them and still be able to keep them cool in the summer is an absolute must.

So I started searching.

And I found that "fanny packs" now mostly called Hip Bag's have become somewhat more stylish if you find the right one!

I found this one from Amazon for $19.99, and it fits our two epi pens (along with their cooling case), my phone, keys, wallet and a little extra room for things like hair ties and whatnot.

I was a little concerned that the outer flap snaps into place instead of zipping, but it's actually very secure and there is an inner pocket that zips closed.

It comes in two colors and is much more stylish than the traditional fanny pack I think that most of us picture when we hear that term!

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