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Health & Beauty Subscription Box Comparison

Subscription boxes are extremely popular and seem to only be gaining in their popularity. Whatever you're searching for, there is probably a subscription box out there!

So I decided to do some comparisons.

I love samples of hair and makeup products to try out and there are SO many brands out there that it can be really easy to never try a phenomenal product, either because it's sold online only and you just don't know about it or there is just so many on store shelves to choose from. This is part of why a subscription box appealed to me. I signed up for Birchbox and Boxy Charm and then I decided to sign up for $5 to one of Walmarts just out of complete curiosity as to what might end up in there. I have to say each one surprised and impressed me for different reasons!

Lets start with Birchbox. I was able to input some of my personal information as well as preferences so that the items in my box would be more relevant to me which was fantastic!

Also, for some reason, I received two complete boxes from them and I can't remember if it was a special for signing up or not, but I think I remember seeing something about a bonus box. In one box I received six items which included:

A shampoo and conditioner by MOMO it's a light shampoo with gel texture but turns into a creamy foam. It is designed to gently cleanse dry or dehydrated hair providing lots of hydrations

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray volume....texture.....this stuff is amazing! Easily sprays onto dry hair too adding volume or texture exactly where you want it.

Dr. Lipp Tint made with only four ingredients which are all natural, this is the most natural lip product I have tried. The color is very subtle, but it is more like a gloss.

Air Repair Moisturizer this is a fantastic moisturizer that doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all.

The Beauty Crop Glow Milk (liquid highlighter) this adds shimmer and glow once you've applied your foundation. I did find it to be very shimmery so not sure if I'll ever have a reason to wear it, but for certain events I could definitely see where it would be a perfect addition to your makeup.

and then in the other box I received:

Full sized Schmidts Lavender + Sage Natural Deodorant I usually have trouble with natural deodorants causing irritation and itching, not with this one though! I'm on day four and I've had zero irritation and I've gotten good and sweaty working out so I was able to test it that way as well. Works very well and I'll definitely be purchasing another when this one runs out.

N.4 texturizing spray I added this to my hair while it was still damp and it worked very well without being too much. My hair was still soft and didn't give it that dirty/cakey feel that some texturizing sprays can.

Vasanti Brighten Up Moisturizer I haven't seen much of a difference in my skin with this one yet, but it might take a few weeks of continued use. Either way, it feels great on!

GrlPwr Liquid Lipstick I would think of this more as a lip stain because it applies very similarly and has crazy staying power! It did settle into the lines of my lips ever so slightly, but not very noticeably at all and it didn't end up feeling dry like I have found some lip stains can do.

Perfume sample

I'm not a perfume girl so I haven't tried that sample nor do I plan to, but I am super impressed with the quality and variety of everything else! I posted reviews of the two lip products previously but even the deodorant has impressed me and was perfect timing as I was almost out of mine and considering trying something new! Overall, I would definitely say Birchbox is at least worth trying for one month to see how relevant your products are to you, but for me, they did a great job.

Boxy Charm

The first thing I noticed with this box was how BIG it is and honestly, I was so surprised when I opened it and saw what had been included. The value is far more than the $25 I spent on it.


Full sized eye shadow palette by Iconic London this palette is perfection with its mix of colors with and without shimmer, day and night options and it looks great on!

Full sized eyeshadow palette by Fairy Tales Storybook Cosmetics the colors in this are so pretty especially if you like peach/pink options

Set of three high quality brushes

First Aid Beauty facial radiance pads Meant for all skin types including sensitive skin. The companys description states that it uses cucumber and Indian gooseberry to help tone skin while lemon peel and licorice root leave the complexion looking bright and glowing. It definitely feels nice.

Evio Skin Aurora Hemp Wipes these took off all of my makeup, including my mascara, without any trouble and left my skin feeling moisturized afterward.

Ciate London Everyday Vacay which is a coconut setting powder.

This box contained items by companies whose products I have never tried before which was the entire purpose of wanting to sign up for a subscription box. On top of that, every product (excluding the coconut setting powder as I haven't tried that one although it has fantastic reviews!) is amazing and some of them have even made their way into my daily routine already.

I'm certainly impressed with Boxy Charm and can't wait to see what is in my next box!


I didn't have high expectations for their beauty box because it was only $5 vs. $20-$25 for the others and I felt like most products that would have been included are ones I would have previously tried. I was right and wrong.

Included were items like a Bic razor, Jergens lotion, Degree deodorant and such. But this box had a sample of Herbal Essences bio renew Birch Bark Extract Shampoo and Conditioner. It's free of sulfates and parabens and such which is exactly what I look for so I tried it out that same evening. I loved the feel and look of my hair, but I wasn't in love with the scent, it was kind of meh, but I figured they must have other scented options.

I went onto Target's website and saw they have the Herbal Essences bio renew in Honey & Vitamin B which I purchased the double pack of. It feels and looks just as amazing as the Birch Bark, but oh my goodness, I love the way it smells! This alone made the $5 Walmart beauty box worth it, but I did cancel it so I don't receive another one next month.

I have more subscription boxes on their way, but if you're looking for something reasonably priced with great quality and options, Birchbox and Boxy Charm are great options!



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