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I have heard a bunch of buzz about this little night light and sound machine helping children know when it's time to get up with changing colors, sleep better with pleasant sounds, and aiding in less interrupted sleep.

I was excited to give it a try (even though I wasn't excited about the $59.99 price tag) and ordered it from Amazon with next day delivery. My excitement promptly came to a screeching halt when I downloaded the app (which is necessary to customize colors and other functions, it is unfortunately not capable of being fully operable on just the device itself).

One of the first questions the app asked for was my childs name, date of birth and gender. I'm sorry, but WHY is a nightlight/sound machine asking for this information???? And I couldn't skip it - required fields. So for name I typed in "none of your business" chose today's date as the date of birth and then chose gender.

Next question.

Oh, but before it gives the next question it pops up telling you that location services MUST be turned on in order to use. As an explanation for this the company has indicated it is to help make suggestions based on your childs age. Soooo......location is necessary WHY??? And if I wanted help with developmental milestones there are plenty of apps out there (that don't require your location) that can help with that. But that was not why I purchased this device AND it's not marketed as an aide for milestones.

I wanted to purchase a sound machine and night light combination, not a baby tracker/track my location and give you a bunch of stuff that's none of your business device.

But ultimately that is what the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine is.

I had it out all of 15 minutes before packaging it back up, deleting the app and setting it up for return. 

Huge thumbs down from this Momma.

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