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Hair Bands - You'll Want One Of These Stashed Everywhere

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Messy buns and pony tails are usually my go-to anytime I need my hair pulled up and while sometimes it's nice to have a neat bun or a super clean pony, most of the time I like it to look a little more relaxed.

I have a lot of hair, but it isn't at all thick because it's fine and I have to be careful with what I use in it because of breakage. I found hair ties at Ulta Beauty and they are all I use now when my hair is pulled up.

I wasn't sure how stretchy they would be so I purchased two sizes, the smaller size is perfect for a ponytail if you have fine hair like me (they would also be great to use in a child's hair) and the large ones make creating and holding a messy bun super easy, but they are great for ponytails too! I've been using them for several months now and I haven't had any issues with breakage either which makes them even more fantastic.

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