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If you've never heard of or purchased from Chewy, I highly recommend you check them out. Not only are their prices on everything from food, toys and beds amazing but their customer service is truly unbeatable and I receive my orders the following day after being placed!

I've emailed them a few times with either questions or a comment and they respond back within just a few hours. On top of that, I had placed an order for food and water bowls and once received I realized they were smaller than I was hoping. I reached out to see if I could exchange them and Chewy told me to donate the ones I had to a shelter and they ordered me larger bowls and shipped them at no additional cost. The second time was when I had ordered a bag of dog food after we first got our puppy, her stomach wasn't handling the switch well. I contacted Chewy to see about ordering something else and to find out what they might recommend, they advised me to either find someone that could use the bag I had just received or donate it to a shelter and then they shipped me a different type of food.

Most recently, we tried transitioning our puppy from a crate as she outgrew the one we had, but she's just too much of a chewer so I was on Chewy's website at 11pm two nights ago and ordered this new crate ($22 less than the same one on Amazon and free shipping!) and I had it the next MORNING. I don't know how they do it, it's incredible and I'm extremely thankful because we may have had to replace a few doors instead of just getting some touch up paint 😨

I do use their subscription service for dog food too, it's great because I can update when I want it to ship very easily on their website and they email me beforehand so I know it'll be processed and I have time to make any changes if necessary.

Seriously, super great company!!



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