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Finally! Something comparable to the Apple Watch but for us Android lovers! Bonus, it's already less expensive than the Apple Watches and on Black Friday you can get an even better deal on it, see the bottom of this blog for the link. 

I have had three different FitBits, an Apple Watch, Garmin Vivosmart, Samsung Gear S2 Classic......I've had so many smart watches/fitness trackers, too many to even remember them all really.

I had sworn off on smartwatches and fitness trackers because I honestly felt like as a finess tracker, they helped to foster more bad habits than good (more on that in a bit) and I wanted a smartwatch first, activity tracker second. None of these fit that except for the Apple watch which I sold when I switched to Android.

I know the majority of people say that Fitbit is the brand you want for an activity tracker, but my Fitbits wouldn't count steps/activity unless you were swinging or boucning your arm so grocery shopping and pushing a cart, I got zero steps for while other non-activity counted as steps so I didn't feel it was at all accurate. I also hated that a text could pop up, but if you couldn't read it right away, there was no way to go back and view it again. That  annoyed me more than anything!

The Samsung Gear S2 Classic was HUGE on my small wrist and I didn't care for the looks of it after just a short period of time ....I'm more of a minimalist. On top of that any time I tried using the speech to text on it, it never registered anything.

I won't keep going into what I didn't like about all of the ones I no longer have  ;)

Since selling my Apple Watch a couple of things have been bugging me. Like my toddler always gets a hold of my phone or I just set it somewhere and it takes me forever to find it (my Apple Watch used to ping my phone and make it ring so finding it was a breeze) and having my texts and phone calls come through on my watch was SO convenient! I loved not having to fish my phone out of my purse when I went out or even just preparing dinner, no stopping what I was doing to see if it was something important coming through. I know - sounds horrible to be so attached to your phone, but I'm one of those who is. Haha.

So the Samsung Galaxy Active (there is also an Active2 see below for why I didn't go for the newer version)......ahhhhhhh - finally!! After a bit of research I decided to purchase one in Rose Gold, off of ebay knowing I could resell if I didn't like it.

I'm not selling this puppy - I LOVE it and it's gorgeous. It gets noticed by others for being gorgeous too as I've already received many compliments on it.

Here are some of the features that are a hit for me: • You can pull up ALL of your texts on your wrist. They don't just pop up and disappear • You can respond to texts on your wrist using speech to text, handwriting each letter or typing • You can see who is calling to decide whether it's worth grabbing your phone to answer • You can view all your emails and with settings within your email application you can flag which ones are important to receive notifications of if you don't want all of them. • This tracks my steps even if I'm pushing a shopping cart or have my hands tucked in my pockets • If you track calories and you're trying to lose or maintain your weight, you should never tack on additional "allowed" calories based on what you've burned for the day (remember those bad habits I mentioned earlier? That's exactly what the Fitbit app does unless you change it and most people don't seem to know to do this. Instead, they see, "ooooh I burned 500 calories today, I can have that bowl of ice cream" I'm Guilty!! The Samsung Health App linked to your watch does NOT do that. It tells you based on your goals if you're under or over your calorie goal and yes, it's linked to activity, however the max calories it shows that you should consume doesn't increase. • I can ping my phone!! If I or my son loses my phone, I can make it ring even if it's on silent, which is always is • If I get out of range of my phone via bluetooth connection, my watch vibrates to let me know it's disconnected. Saved me from leaving my phone at home yesterday. • As a nursing Mom, I drink a TON of water each day and sometimes it can be difficult to remember to drink especially during a busy day. I get reminders to drink water and ability to track it right on my watch. • The watch is water resistent, you can swim with it which means no more worrying about it getting splashed while doing dishes. • There are so many free watch faces you can download which means I was able to achieve an even more minimal look  :)


Samsung caught some heat for doing away with their rotating bezel like they have on their Gear watches when they came out with the Active. Seems people really like physically turning a dial. I had one on my Gear S2 Classic and I didn't see what the fuss was about. So I scroll through my options instead of rotating. So 6 months after the release of the Active watch, Samsung released their Active 2 for $80 more with an invisible rotating bezel along with a couple of other fitness tracking options. They also added an additional sized watch to choose from and an LTE version.

Here's the thing - if you love or want that rotating bezel Samsung just released an update which adds this bezel to the original Active Watch. Yup, I went for the older version saving that $80 and now I have most of the same features.

It's worth checking out the Active vs the Active 2 though to make sure you're choosing the best one for you. The Active 2 has some slight color variations for example, the silver watch in the original is a shiny silver vs the Active2 it's more of a matte finish. The Pink Blush color is definitely more pink and the band is a deeper pink.

If you love the face of the watch but you want a different band or just options, check these out on Amazon! They're on sale right now for $6.43 when you click the save 8% coupon box with 10 color options and they're so nice! I purchased a gray band for mine and it's just like my Apple Watch band was with the little nub closure.

I also put a screen protector on mine. There seems to be some debate about how scratch resistant the face is so I figured why not be on the safer side and ordered one. It came in a pack of 6 for only $9.95 so I figured even if I end up changing it after a few months, considering it's less than $10 for six of them and application is super easy, it's well worth it 😊

If you're considering trying one of these gorgeous watches out, they will be on sale on Black Friday for just $149.99!! On Ebay they're going for about $120 so for $30 more on Black Friday you could pick up a brand new one. 



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