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Electric Toothbrushes - The Surprising (and affordable) Winner

After using an electric toothbrush while I had braces as a teenager, I've pretty much been sold on their effectiveness, and how clean my teeth feel after it always amazing. The downside to the Sonicare I always loved? The brush heads were always so expensive! They may have come down since then, but even when I re-purchased another Sonicare about ten years ago, I had stopped using it when it came time to replace the brush head because again, of the cost.

So for the last 12 years or so I've just been using a regular toothbrush. Until a couple of weeks ago when I purchased a Fairywill Toothbrush.

Anyone who has brushed a toddlers teeth knows how difficult it can be to get every part of those little tiny teeth. Between a tongue always getting in the way, lips that won't cooperate.....well I noticed that despite brushing my toddlers teeth twice every day, he had a small ridge of tartar build up on his front teeth up near his gum line (yup, those lips must have been hiding that tiny area) so I decided I needed to revisit an electric toothbrush. I started out by purchasing a toddler specific one and it honestly was no better than a normal toothbrush.

That's when I found the Fairywill toothbrush and at $25.95 on Amazon for the handle and three brush heads, I found it to be very affordable. I also noticed it has over 11,000 reviews and 4.5 stars including a glowing review from a dental hygienist.

The brush heads are also affordable at $14.99 for four of them!

So I gave it a go. My son doesn't mind it at all and within just a few uses that line of tartar build up he had on his front teeth is completely gone and my own teeth feel so much cleaner again!

Definitely recommend this one if you're looking to give an electric toothbrush a go or in need of a replacement.

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